My Empowering Story

I was fit and healthy, 20 years of age studying engineering when I got ill with glandular fever. I wasn’t getting better, my energy had just completely gone and I didn’t know what was wrong. Eventually after much testing I was diagnosed with M.E / CFS. I was relieved at first to finally have a diagnosis but then my hopes were dashed when I heard that there was no set medical treatment and that I might not have even been able to get better. That evening I remember it very well, I knelt down on the ground and prayed for some kind of answer with tears running down my cheeks begging for mercy as the symptoms had already been excruciating and at that time it looked like there was little hope.

​Most of my 20's were spent laying down with crushing fatigue and an array of symptoms.

Countless hours spent searching to find a way that I could heal and live life fully again.

CFS was absolutely horrendous, I felt like my life had ended, that I had no future and every present moment was hell. The symptoms were extreme, the most crushing fatigue, it felt like the worst virus and hangover I had ever experienced combined every day. My symptoms included, constant fatigue, painful muscles after walking even 5 or 10 minutes, brainfog, IBS, Insomnia or unrefreshing sleep, very low immune function, swollen glands, POTS, low blood flow with frozen feet, dizziness, chemical sensitivity, night sweats, very frequent headaches, anxiety and secondary depression as a result of being so ill for 11 years. At my worst I was bed bound for months on end, with having a shower being a small victory on those days. I remember walking for less than 2 minutes a day, desperately trying to do anything I could to get better but nothing was working. I had lost my job, career, social life, activities I used to enjoy, I couldn’t even walk for 10 minutes in nature. Most of my waking hours were spent laying down in bed or on the couch. Each day was blending into the next, I clung on to hope but I had no future and with such an array of symptoms my present was becoming more and more unbearable.

Following my diagnosis luckily when searching on youtube I found some people who had fully gotten better, this gave me a lot of hope that somehow I could get better too. I then set about doing a huge array of treatments, ranging from acupuncture, nutrition testing, dietary changes, supplements, lymphatic drainage, Chinese Medicine, EFT, Graded Exercise, all kinds of things, nothing was working whatsoever. Over years I had gradually tried to optimise my lifestyle including meditating for an hour every day, 20 minutes of gentle yoga and had very gradually built up to walking 30 minutes per day but I was still completely stuck. On my 31st birthday I decided I totally had enough and was going to do whatever it took to get fully better, I gave myself another 12 months to do this and I was prepared to do anything.

When we want radically different results in our life, we must be willing to create radical change.

I spent 2 weeks researching exactly what people had done to renew full wellness, I found more and more remarkable renewed wellness stories from people who had done The Lightning Process, which was something I had previously heard about 8 years before then, but I was skeptical as back then I had heard that it was some kind of brainwashing technique that convinced people they were able to do things that they were not actually physically able to do and they would crash heavily afterwards, this is what I had heard and believed for all those years, but since I was willing to do anything to get better and so many people had completely restored wellness using this process and many getting better in such fast time-frames that I decide right I am going to do this.

So I signed up immediately and within 2 weeks I was in the UK learning and implementing this remarkable technique. I learned how chronic ongoing stress had been wreaking havoc on my physiology with an over active sympathetic nervous system. Adrenaline and cortisol were causing the fatigue and also the array of symptoms. As I learned how to begin to deeply relax my body, it received the parasympathetic rest, restore and digest response that it had been wanting for so many years. Unconscious stress patterns had kept my physiology completely stuck in the illness for 11 years and everything started to quickly improve as I used the lightning process to switch on deep relaxation and confidence in my body’s ability to fully restore wellness. After completing 5 hours on the first day of the 3 day seminar I was walking over double my usual distance and enjoyed bowling including after travelling more than 9 hours to get to the seminar, already more than I had done in years. Straight after the seminar I was enjoying walking 2 hours per day and within 2 weeks I had climbed 2 mountains! I needed to practice the process between 20 and 30 times per day redirecting my thought patterns and emotions to life enhancing states, blissful relaxation and profound solid confidence as well as deep grounded energy were transforming my physiology before my very eyes. I could hardly believe how quick and easy this was becoming, sure it took work, I needed to be consistent and show up every day, and in each moment, giving my all to it, to reprogram my neural pathways and rebuild my physiological wellness.

​Climbed Croagh Patrick after using The Lightning Process​, enjoying freedom and wellness.

2 months after The Lighting Process I explored the entire southern coast of Portugal, the Algarve, walking for up to 9 hours a day, living life to the full! Kayaking through beautiful caves, exploring countless beaches, enjoying running along the beach in the evening time. 11 years of CFS was completely a thing of the past in just 2 months after LP. It was the last thing I did and the best thing I ever did to restore wellness. So much so that I decided to train with the inventor of the process in central London. I spent 18 months flying back and forth to the UK to become an LP practitioner so that I could share this gift that I had received with as many people as I can throughout Ireland, Canada and the UK.

My passion now is helping people to regain their wellness, over the past 2 years I have had many people fully getting better in as little as 1 to 2 weeks, and even a lady renewing wellness after 33 years of CFS, in only 3 months. Of course results cannot be guaranteed however we do have a growing body of evidence to support the effectiveness of The Lighting Process with people using it to successfully overcome a large variety of dis-eases.

Each year we are continuing randomised control scientific research, a recent study that was published in the BMJ concluded that The Lightning Process is effective for CFS and is also cost effective. Our own data shows that over 81% of people report being better after using The Lightning Process for CFS and even higher success rates overcoming mental health issues like anxiety and phobias.

CFS / ME is recognised by the CDC as a neurological condition which affects up to 27,000 people in Ireland, 250,000 in the UK and the most recent estimates say it affects up to 560,000 Canadians. Previously I had not understood or realised how much my thought patterns, emotions and beliefs could influence my physiology in so many ways and also how fast I could get better by learning how to use neurophysiology, reprogramming my mind to restoring wellness in my physiology.

Enjoying travelling all around the world living life to the full again! - Nusa Penida - Indonesia

​On top of the tallest mountain in Ireland - Carrauntoohil. From walking less than 2 minutes a day to climbing 21K Steps and 3405 feet Elevation.