The Lightning Process®

The Lightning Process® is an empowering life changing 3 day course that teaches each person how they can create profound positive changes in their lives. People report outstanding improvements in their health and well-being using this powerful, simple technique which is based on the latest science of how our mind and body interacts. We now know the mind and body are holistic and inextricably linked together​​​​.

The Lightning Process® has been continually refined and developed over the last 20 years with growing evidence and research into the effectiveness of this process ongoing every year.

It consists of 15 hours worth of live interactive in person training over 3 days. It is a highly advance and refined process which was developed from the best elements of Neuro Linguistic Programming combined with key Physiological principles of Osteopathy, Neuroplasticity and Neuro-Physiology science-based evidence.

Often just hours after the first session, new life enhancing neurological pathways start to replace the old ones as effective new patterns are formed. As a Lightning Process Practitioner my experience is that clients arrive on Day 2 of the seminar already feeling elated with the number of positive changes they have already experienced, physiologically and emotionally, even people who had been ill for decades!

​People say the tools they learned helped them with the following disorders. Tap/Click

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​​A Snapshot Survey of 1297 people from the UK and Norway has shown that 81.3% of clients report having completely resolved their issue / symptoms by using the Lightning Process®.​ Only 2 people out of 1297 people said that they did not experience improvement. - Read more about this below -

During Your 3 Day Seminar You Will Learn:

  • ​How your mind and body powerfully interact.
  • ​The widespread damaging effects of an over active Physical Emergency Response (PER) on your physiology, health, wellness and ability to thrive.
  • ​​The unconscious patterns that have been hindering your natural ability to live a life you love.
  • ​​How to stop the old patterns and how using specific steps including; movement, self-coaching and visualisation, enables you to build new deeply life enhancing patterns.
  • ​Learn directly from me how you can use your new empowering skills in the most effective ways to maximise all of the changes I will help you create.

The Lightning Process®

​Statistics and Latest research

There is a growing body of evidence for the effectiveness of The Lightning Process, scientific research is ongoing every year. Here you can view head office data as well as randomised control trial data from published scientific research.

Head Office Survey Data

​Head Office randomly surveyed 1297 people who had completed The Lightning Process over 3 years. Here are their results:

This demonstrates that 86.4% of 1080 people who said they had CFS/M.Eranked their changes as 8, 9 or 10/10 and the majority of people ranked their changes as 10/10. Click to View the Full Report  that has tables showing all data. 


​Anxiety Disorders

This study also included 707 people who did The Lightning Process and reported their ​Anxiety Resolved. ​Here are the Results over 3 years of research data.

As you can see, ​83.4% of clients ranked their changes as 8, 9 or 10/10 and​the majority of people ranked their changes as 10/10. Click to View the Full Report  that has tables showing all data. 

Independent Research

​There is continual independent research into the effectiveness of The Lightning Process® for a range of health conditions, here is some of their latest research findings including Randomised Control Trial (RCT).

Outcome Measures Study

An independent UK Research Establishment has done a study of 205 people doing The Lightning Process and followed their progress for 6 months. It is hoped that research like this will lead to funding grants for larger Randomised Controlled Trials.

​"The results find that the LP is making a significant positive impact, resulting in increased health status at 6 weeks, persisting at 3 months, and demonstrating improvements in all areas that were covered by the RAND SF-36 questionnaire." Click to view the Full Outcome Measures Study Report.

​​Clinical ​Efficacy of The Lightning Process® + SMC

​A randomised control trial was published recently in Sep 2017 which measured the effectiveness of The Lightning Process when combined with Specialist Medical Care (SMC) vs SMC alone for mild to moderately affected CFS patients ranging from 12 to 18yrs old. They were assessed for physical function, fatigue, anxiety and depression at 3, 6 and 12 months.

Ester M Crawley. Table 2 Primary Outcome. ​
​The LP + SMC has proven to be more effective than SMC alone. As you can see above at 3, 6 and 12 months they had significantly increased physical function, also with increased energy, reduced anxiety and depression.

​Conclusion: "The LP is effective and is probably cost-effective when provided in addition to SMC for mild/moderately affected adolescents with CFS/ME." Full Results can be seen here in the BMJ.
Credit : Esther M Crawley, Daisy M Gaunt, Kirsty Garfield, William Hollingworth, Jonathan A C Sterne, Lucy Beasant, Simon M Collin, Nicola Mills, Alan A Montgomery.